How it Works

Simply connect the end clip hook to the dogs' collar.

Adjust the strap that runs down the back aligning the O-Ring with the bottom of the dogs' rib cage. Take the bottom strap and rotate it 90 Degrees. ​

Wrap the strap under the dogs chest and pull the end back through the O-Ring.

All dogs pull.

Up until now there has never been a humane or effective way to correct your dogs' behavior when pulling. The patent pending Pulnomor Dog Leash method has been tested on thousands of dogs and has been proven itself to work instantly with any dog over and over again. Other self proclaimed "loose leash walking" training methods such as harnesses, choke chains, shock collars, etc. focus on the dogs neck. Which studies have shown, causes choking, exhaustion, gagging, and skin irritation. The Pulnomor Dog Leash focuses on the dogs' abdomen. When your dog pulls it creates a natural consequence. Your dog is intelligent, and will quickly learn from this consequence. By applying the Pulnomor Dog leash you will instantly feel your dog pull no more.