"She'll still pull a little bit when she sees a ball or another dog running, but

nothing like before. I don't have to worry about her pulling me over like I once did. I'm glad to have met you and thanks again."

— Debra- San Diego, CA

"I just had to call you and tell you that the Pulnomor leash has transformed the way my boxer walks with me. Thank you!

—Brandy- SLC, UT

"I haven't walked my dog in a long time, mostly because I am just too old to deal with a dog that pulls like mine. Someone introduced me to the Pulnomor and now I can give my dog the walks it deserves."

— Sam,- SLC, UT

"Gypo, it was a pleasure walking you today!"


"You know, I can walk my two pitties that used to pull so bad I could not walk them together. They both would pull so hard I couldn't even use thespikey choke collar because they would tear up their own necks. I walk (and jog) them together all over the place now. I don't have to jerk it, all Ido is lift the leash end slightly and say, "no pull".

This thing is truly amazing and I have recommended it to many peoplealready.

"Have a great day!

Laura ·

Wow, Just received my Pulnomor yesterday and my 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, Zeke, could physically not pull me. Thanks!! Most relaxing walk I’ve ever had.

Becka ·

I received my Pulnomor leash today, all I got to say is wow!!! It made a big difference, was able to walk my dog without him pulling me all over the place. Well worth the money!!!